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My Curriculum Vitae

2015 APS T.W. Bonner Prize in Nuclear Physics shared with Howard Wieman

2015 Hungarian Government Order of Merit Officer's Cross

2015 Appointed Bian Peng Visiting Professor at CCNU, Wuhan, China

I work since 1992 at Pupin Lab of Columbia University (see Map)


  • Work Address: CU Physics Dept. web page
  • Physics Dept. , Pupin Lab, Columbia University
  • 538 West 120th St , New York, NY 10027
  • Work Phone: (212) 854-8152  
  • Fax: (212)932-3169; (212)854-3379
  • E-mail address: check CU Physics Dept. web page

  • Research on pQCD Tomography and AdS Holography of strongly coupled Quark Gluon Plasmas
  • The CERN LHC chapter in high energy nuclear physics
  • was openned November 2010 at CERN with a Pb+Pb 2.76 ATeV mini-Bang 2.2 times ''louder'' than measured before in Au+Au 0.20 ATeV at RHIC/BNL! The quark gluon plasma form of matter discovered at RHIC, is heated at LHC to the highest temperature, T ~ 5 trillion deg Kelvin ever studied in the laboratory on "large" 10-12 cm nuclear spacetime scales . BNL RHIC commisioned in 2000 continues to map out the physics of QGP formation and dynamics in the QCD deconfinement transition temperature range T=1-4 trillion deg Kelvin.


    The Columbia University Nuclear Theory group works on the theory of such extremely hot and ultra-dense states of (Quantum Chromodynamic QCD) strongly interacting matter. We predict a wide range of observables to help diagnose the properties of that new form of matter via relativistic nuclear reactions. Our research is supported by the US Office of Science, DOE Nuclear Physics :